Ex-mayor convicted in Bell, Calif., case

By JOHN ROGERS, Associated Press March 20, 2013

WHY IS THIS ARTICLE IN OUR ACTION WEBSITE? Mr. Kern, in the last city council meeting, described our city charter as simple and elegant. But, it is actually a deliberately vague document which is easily bent to the whims of the city council majority. This was demonstrated by Mr. Felien's ordinance that stripped Mayor Wood of his appointment powers, upending a long held governmental power wielded by the city-elect mayor. Three men, Mr. Kern, Mr. Feller and Mr. Felien, put aside the will of the city's electorate and made these appointment powers their own. It demonstrates how our own city charter is being used by them to easily circumvent the will of Oceanside's citizens.

LOS ANGELES — The former mayor of the tiny California city of Bell has been convicted of five charges in a massive corruption case against him and five other ex-elected officials.

Former Mayor Oscar Hernandez has also been acquitted of five charges in verdicts being read Wednesday in Los Angeles Superior Court. Numerous other verdicts have yet to be read.

Peace is elusive in Crown Heights

By Ray Huard on Feb. 11, 2013 in the U~T San Diego

Oceanside city officials, police and social service agencies say they’re doing their best to bring peace to the often-troubled neighborhood of Crown Heights, but despite their efforts, the violence continues.

“I don’t know what the answer is. I guess that’s the million-dollar question,” said city Neighborhood Services Director Margery Pierce, who has been working with the Crown Heights community for about 15 years.

Crown Heights is an ethnically diverse, low-income neighborhood bounded by Mission Avenue to the north, Interstate 5 to the east, Missouri Street to the south and Horne Street to the west.

The community has about 8,000 residents, with a median household income of about $30,000, according to city figures. Many residents live in cramped apartments, often with more than one family sharing the space.

Crown Heights is also home to a criminal street gang, and the large and small crimes that go along with that — from drug deals to murder.

Gregory Canyon landfill is BAD for Oceanside

My name is Linda Walshaw. I am a Vice-President of the Alliance of Citizens to Improve Oceanside Neighborhoods ( “ACTION”). Collectively, ACTION represents 42 Oceanside communities.

Those of us who attended Oceanside City Council and community meetings regarding the Gregory Canyon issue heard experts, scientists, engineers and political leaders give evidence and reasons WHY we should oppose the building of a toxic waste dump at Gregory Canyon. We heard testimony that it is not a question of whether or not the planned liner of the dump would leak, it is only a question of WHEN. We heard that no matter what technology is used to prevent such an occurrence, no technology can guarantee against future disaster.

One argument alone should be that of simple common sense. California has earthquakes. California has droughts and water shortages. Why on earth would anyone want to place a hazardous waste dump directly on the San Luis Rey River and acquifer on which Oceanside’s population relies for 20% of its current water supply, with plans to increase that reliance to 50% in the future? A water source that flows directly to our beaches and harbor.


For those of you who are working to make our fair city a better place to live, there are a few concrete actions that can help the cause. WRITE LETTERS AND ATTEND MEETINGS! Making your presence and concerns public can be a big help.

There is going to be a city workshop meeting where citizens can voice their concerns/suggestions on Wednesday, Jan 23, 2pm. Download the agenda here: https://www.ci.oceanside.ca.us/civica/filebank/blobdload.asp?BlobID=29966. Please come. They city council will pay more attention to community input IF THERE IS SOME!

We need to attend SANDAG meetings to let them know our council majority has usurped the mayor's power to serve their own ends and those of their campaign contributors. The next meeting will be held Friday, Jan 25, 2013 at 9 am to 12 noon at the SANDAG board room 402 B St, 7th floor, San Diego. Please review the agenda here: http://www.sandag.org/uploads/meetingid/meetingid_3480_15451.pdf

The landfill at Gregory canyon is going to placed over a water source that the city of Oceanside uses. Once the landfill lining leaks, or if a rain event causes pollution to overtop the landfill, it will destroy our only local clean water source. We will have to completely rely on outside water, which is very expensive. Once a water source is polluted, it is gone forever! Please write to the army corp of engineers to urge them not to approve this project. Attend the meeting on January 31 at 6pm in the Escondido Center for the Arts 340 Escondido Blvd. Escondido, CA 92025

Or, write a letter.
Address: Army Corp at US Army Corp of Engineers
ATTN: Gregory Canyon EIS
Los Angeles District, South Coast Branch
6010 Hidden Valley Road, Suite 105
Carlsbad California 92011

or email
gregorycanyoneis-spl@usace.army.mil if you copy this to samantha@publicpolicypartners.org she can verify it was received by the right people.


VIDEO - Oceanside council removes Mayor Wood from SANDAG

See the discussion that took Mayor Wood's power of appointing people to ALL committees AWAY.

This Video comes to the ACTION website via Oceanside-CampPendleton*Patch internet newspaper. The video was filmed by KOCT on January 3 2013. You can go to the library to check out other KOCT videos of the city council meetings. Or, you can purchase your own by contacting KOCT. Phone - 760-722-4433. KOCT is located at 3038 Industry Street Suite 101 Oceanside, Ca 92054.

Save Gregory Canyon Meeting set for Jan. 31st

Please link to the Save Gregory Canyon web site for updated information about this vital issue. You can find the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Environmental Impact study there, printable brochures on this subject, and contact information. It is vital we protect our water source for North County residents and for future generations.The Gregory Canyon Landfill will pollute part of our water supply, and is not needed. It will primarily service Los Angeles, not San Diego County.

The public meeting will be held Jan. 31 at 6 p.m. at the California Center for the Arts in Escondido at 340 North Escondido Boulevard, Escondido, CA 92025. EVERYONE should plan to attend to show the Army Corps of Engineers how strongly the public opposes this proposed dump!

Preserve Calavera to host tours

by Phil Diehl on the U~T San Diego web site, on Jan 5, 2013

CARLSBAD — The nonprofit Preserve Calavera plans to host short tours of the Marron Adobe grounds and the surrounding valley near the site of the proposed Quarry Creek development on three upcoming Saturdays.

The tours are scheduled from 10 to 11 a.m. Jan. 12 and 26 and Feb. 9, states a written news release from Preserve Calavera.

The adobe ranch house built in the mid-1800s is one of the oldest structures in San Diego County and is a remnant of one of the original California land grants.

The tour will include a walk to nearby Buena Vista Creek and the El Salto Falls, the release states. The area is at the northern end of the Quarry Creek development project, where 656 homes are proposed

Participants should take the College Boulevard exit from state Route 78, to south to Haymar Road, and drive will past the Mossy Nissan dealership to the end of the road, the release states. Parking will be at the end of the cul de sac or along the road.

For more information, contact

info@preservecalavera.org or call (760) 724-3887.

JENKINS: Power play could weaken Oceanside's big three

Column written by Logan Jenkens on the U~T San Diego Website on December 3, 2012

Oh my, poor O’side.

In their finite wisdom, Oceanside voters elected to retain the status quo on the City Council.

Or more aptly, the status oh-no!

While every North County city has its stresses and strains, Oceanside’s political balance of power has been so violently matched up, so bitter and personal, that perpetual warfare is practically assured.

Oceanside is the only North County city in which a robust recall campaign ahead of the 2014 election is not only plausible, it’s nearly likely.

As a mechanic might examine a backfiring engine, let’s run through a few of the political dynamics that could lead to a fiery explosion:

The People’s Powertrain: Three-term Mayor Jim Wood is, hands down, the most popular public figure in the city. He blew away GOP-backed Councilman Jerry Kern and former Mayor Terry Johnson last month. Kern’s showing was particularly pathetic, not even a third of the vote. (Democrat Johnson was widely viewed as a spoiler siphoning a percentage of the vote from moderate Republican Wood.)

At the same time, Councilwoman Esther Sanchez, Wood’s Democratic ally, strongly outpolled the second-place finisher, incumbent Councilman Jack Feller. The message was clear: In a high turnout election, Wood’s and Sanchez’s brand of pro-neighborhood, pro-union populism packs a powerful punch.

To read the entire article go to: U~T website

Life and Death Politics

Recently, I read a friend’s message about outsourcing services currently provided by our city (Oceanside). That evening, I took a seat on a wall in my front yard to enjoy the peace and quiet of my neighborhood and an adult beverage.  I live on a very nice street in north Oceanside where my neighbors sometimes remind me it would be an elite street but for the fact I live on it. Anyway, I was sipping and listening to the neighborhood children conspiring something only they could understand while in their makeshift cardboard home (inhabited by girls.  Were it boys, the place would be called a fort).  (Is that sexist or what???)

While sipping and thinking how lucky I was to live in such a neighborhood and city, the loud growl of a diesel engine drew my attention.  Slowly, an OFD truck came into sight and parked.  Three firefighters emerged. I hoped their visit would help, even save a neighbor's life.  After a short visit, they boarded the truck and drove away.  Evidently, the crisis that called them here had passed.

I sipped again, relief and gratitude comforting my soul. Then concern and anger crowded against my peace of mind.  I was relieved the cause for their visit had passed.  I was grateful for the knowledge that they'd come from a firehouse less than a mile away.  But then I wondered. In the future would a neighbor, a loved one, or I lose this benefit of fast response by trained paramedics to a life-threatening crisis?

In her yard, a neighbor has a sign saying, "For Mayor. Jerry Kern. Leadership. Accountability". I got angrier. How many of my neighbors will die for lack of quick response when Mr. Kern's self-styled "Leadership and Accountability" outsource life-saving of Oceanside's citizens to those more interested in profit than service to our community?

What’s next? Mr. Kern would have us believe he’s saving us taxes. In exchange for our lives? Thanks anyway! Maybe Mr. Kern’s leadership would take us to a place where, to save on our insurance premiums, we have EMTs staff our hospitals’ emergency rooms. Anything to lower costs. Using his logic, we could wait for taxis rather than have to pay for expensive luxuries like the city’s emergency response vehicles.

I have a son who served as firefighter in a city where firefighters are not required to be paramedics. Without exception, he and his fellows arrived at an emergency scene a few to several minutes ahead of the privatized ambulance service. My daughter, an ER physician in the same city, assures me that minutes – no, seconds! – can mean the difference in saving a patient’s life or preventing a lasting, chronic disability.

Mr. Kern’s peculiar definitions of leadership and accountability, his pious and pretentious pronouncements about protecting the taxpayers, his quest to remove emergency services, library services, community and recreational centers threaten my city’s vibrancy and citizens’ protections. To invest in the vibrancy and protections of my city services, I’ll happily pay my taxes. And happily I will vote for Mayor Wood.

Update - Melrose Extension

Hello ACTION Neighbors,

The following link is the NCTimes article of this past Council meeting pertaining to the Melrose Extension.

As we all expected our Council majority voted to spend $1.4 million on a road to benefit traffic by seconds, at a cost of $30 million plus. It will ultimately destroy 14 properties, part of Guajome Park and place over 35,000 vehicles speeding through an equestrian development. Folks, as you all know we MUST change this Council. Mr Feller needs to go....

Please plan on attending the next ACTION meeting to see what you can do to help stop the railroading of our neighborhoods. It will be held on Sunday, July 8th at 3:00 pm at Rancho San Luis Rey Mobilehome Park, clubhouse #2 the address is 200 North El Camino Real.


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