Say NO to the LANDFILL!!!

Letter to the Editor in the NC Times written by Rod Miller from San Marcos

Everyone has to say no to the proposed landfill on the San Luis Rey river in Gregory
Canyon by Palm on Highway 76.

In the future, clean water will be more important than oil; making the landfill on the
banks of any river is asking for an ecological disaster. The liner will eventually leak.

The people downriver, including San Luis Rey and North Oceanside, draw drinking
water from the river.

Politics and our economic problems

Letter to the editor in the NC Times written by Herbert Pairitz of Carlsbad

The voters in this country continually vote to get our representatives and our politicians
to resolve our economic problems. Under our present form of government (plutocracy),
it is an impossibility, since the big business investors that control our government don't
want to bring prosperity to the working-class citizens, they just want to increase their
profits by exploiting the citizens.

Officeholders have an option to either provide prosperity to the working-class citizens or
to receive large campaign contributions and other favors from the big business investors,
and most of them have chosen the latter. When businesses replace American workers
with cheaper foreign workers, it is a economical windfall for the businesses, and a
disaster for the working-class citizens.

On most major economic issues our votes are worthless, because most members of
Congress and the White House will not represent us, but will represent the big business
investors who pay them. If we don't take the money out of politics, we have no hope of
securing prosperity for the working-class citizens as required by our Constitution as
"promote the general welfare."

Voters have spoken, but Kern doesn't hear

Letter written by Margaret Bradnum in the NC Times on June 13

I read Jerry Kern's comments in the North County Times the morning after Proposition E was defeated,
and he just doesn't get it ("Voters opt to keep rent control, reject election changes," June 6). There is
no subsidy in the rent control ---- no taxpayers money is subsidizing us. ... I can put together an
investment group to purchase the park where I live with no problem at all, but there are no mobile-home
parks for sale in the city. That is because each one is a cash cow.

Amy Epsten has the right to sell her property, but she won't. She just doesn't have the right to gouge
money from people who do not have the option to move their home.

The voters have spoken, but Kern still doesn't hear. He thinks it is because of a low voter turnout. Really?

Look at the number of "no" votes ---- 14,579, and only 3,000 of those voters live in mobile-home parks. Sixty-five
percent of the vote is a landslide by any standards. Kern needs to start listening to the people of Oceanside.

Prop. F will never be good for Oceanside

letter written by Mike Andrioff in the NC Times on June 13

The recent defeat of Proposition F is a win for the citizens of Oceanside. Prop. F was sponsored
and supported by a current Oceanside City Council member. Despite claims of increased accountability
and fairness, Prop. F appeared to do little more than ensure those currently in office have an even larger
advantage over those seeking to run against them in a June primary.

Few ordinary citizens can afford to spend the thousands of dollars required to pay for advertising and
air time? History shows that in a primary, candidates rarely ever win with greater than 50 percent of
a vote. Under Prop. F, this fact virtually guarantees that a costly second election in November would
be required, giving an ever larger advantage to incumbents, who are often funded by deep-pocketed,
out-of-town interests.

Prop. F also required that each City Council seat be voted on individually, which further limits the number
of overall opponents. More needs to be done to ensure that elections are fair and open, not make them
more restrictive.

Congratulations to the voters of Oceanside for correctly understanding the ill-advised Prop. F as another
attempt to force through an issue similar to the city charter that does little to serve the best interest of the
citizens of Oceanside. Prop. F will never be good for Oceanside.

Citizens concerns are falling on deaf ears

Letter written by Rod Braswell in the NC Times on June 14

Proposition E was defeated. I want to personally thank the voters of Oceanside for not shooting
us veterans and seniors down, and letting us live out our waning years in peace and worry-free.

Proposition F was defeated because the voters are tired of Jerry Kern, Gary Felien and Jack Feller
trying to railroad their proposals through without any public input or thought of the results. When hundreds
of residents spoke at council meetings against vacancy decontrol, against the dump in Pala, the unwanted
traffic signal in the Mira Costa area and multiple other issues, their comments fell on deaf ears.

The KFF bloc has their own agenda and couldn't care less about the voters who put them in office. Thanks
to the Oceanside voters, we have proven we are strong enough to remove all of them. Jack Feller is first.

Greed will continue after June election

Letter to the editor written by Mandy Barre in the NC Times on June 2

I just finished reading a letter from Dick Blom (May 29) where he talks about the
"limitless greed" of the corporate mobile-home park owners. He nailed it when he said,
in spite of the June election results, Jerry Kern, Jack Feller and Gary Felien (FFK) and
their corporate buddies are not about to give up taking over Oceanside.

One must absolutely be concerned with not only Proposition E, but also Prop. F. Prop. F
gives even more power to out-of-town special interests who will purchase the best mailers
(even if false), the best ads on the Internet and in the papers (even if false) and the most
signs (even if false).

How many more services do you wish to lose before FFK is done with you? This election already
costs over $140k that could have easily kept Marshall pool open and both libraries full time.

Prop. F will guarantee two very expensive elections. Where do you think that money is coming
from? It will come from your parks, your pool, your senior centers and public safety. When a city
loses all its appeal for investors, you create a ghetto.

Vote no to a corporate takeover of Oceanside. No on E and F.

Save Oceanside

Letter to the editor written by Debbie Mastro in the NC Times on June 1

If Proposition F passes, your honest Oceanside resident will not be able to afford to run for
City Council. It will require two elections, meaning the average person who cares about
Oceanside will not be able to afford to run two campaigns.

This will only leave bought-and-paid-for politicians to run for City Council. And who do you
think they will be listening to and voting in the best interests of? It will not be for the residents
of Oceanside. It will be for those out-of-town special interest groups that paid to get them elected.

Folks, this is already happening. Three council members have already sold out Oceanside's
veterans and seniors to the out-of-town park owners. The council boys have been trying to
outsource every city job they can under the guise of saving money. Yet they think nothing
of spending $93,000 for a special election that benefits the out-of-towners who paid to get
them elected and will finance their future campaigns.

Don't let this continue or get worse. Don't let our beautiful Oceanside be sold to the highest bidder.
Let your voice be heard. Vote no on F and E.

Decontrol is just the first step

Letter to the editor written by Dick Blom in the NC Times dated May 29

I am convinced that decontrol of mobile-home rents is just the first step in the overall plan
to do away with the Manufactured Home Fair Practices Ordinance 16B. The mobile-home
park owners are getting a profit with little risk. They still aren't satisfied.

Otherwise, they wouldn't be pushing their people on the council ---- Jerry Kern, Gary Felien
and Jack Feller ---- to demand a June vote. If deregulation actually passes, do you believe
these greedy, nonresident park owners are going to be satisfied? Have you ever heard a
corporation or a greedy person say, "Oh, that's enough profit." I don't think so.

We have seen this kind of limitless greed cause the current recession. If it's confirmed the
mobile-home owners can't get the votes to defeat decontrol, they will be eager for their council
lackeys to do away with all restrictions on mobile-home space rents. As we have seen in the
case of "decontrol," we will be only two council meetings away from seeing any form of the 16B
Ordinance eliminated. That could then allow park owners to confiscate mobile homes in their
park by simply raising the rents past what any current resident could possibly afford.

No on E.

Vote for Oceanside's interests

Letter to the editor written by Bonnie Wright in the NC Times, dated May 31

Oceanside's three majority council members and their outside backers are counting on voter
apathy and confusion on June 5, with the expectation that they will win the day. That's why
they insisted on having Propositions E and F in this election, at a high cost of taxpayer dollars,
instead of waiting until November.

Prop. F (charter amendments) was hushed and rushed to prevent knowledge of the changes it
will bring to our city government, which will waste more taxpayer dollars and deny voters a
voice in the city's future. They issued a 24-hour special meeting notice and had an hour and
15-minute workshop before voting to include it in the primary before the deadline. They want a
mayor, Jerry Kern is their pick, who is the city CEO with the last word.

Is that what we want? They also believe that poor voter turnout and their $400,000 campaign of
false information will win them Prop. E (vacancy decontrol), which denies 4,000 mobile-home
owners a voice in their future. Please, don't let them win because you didn't bother to vote.
Cast your vote for no on E and F. Their decisions are not in Oceanside's interests.

Citizens deserte the right to elect representatives

Forum Article written by Jim Wood and Ester Sanchez in the NC Times on May 28

The ruling Oceanside City Council troika has held majority rule for 10 1/2 of the last 12 years.
Suddenly, at the last possible hour, ignoring overwhelming public requests against it, the troika
rushed a charter amendment onto this June 5 election.

Oceanside voters have not had time to react; to hear from all sides of this very critical issue;
to get all the facts. The troika's hope ---- that under the disguise of "majority rule," in a low
voter-turnout election, Oceanside voters will vote "yes" on Proposition F's power grab,
guaranteeing its entrenchment for decades.

Why is the ruling troika willing to risk all, including constitutional lawsuits, for a power grab?

Until two years ago, the city enjoyed all the protections of a general law city, since its 1888
incorporation. This status guaranteed a city manager form of government, "part time" council
with very limited powers of taxation, November municipal elections, and legal requirements
of adopting a balanced budget every year.


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