Vote 'NO" on vacancy rent decontrol

Forum column by Dick Blom

In May 2011, the Oceanside City Council's three-person majority of Jerry Kern, Gary Felien and Jack Feller
voted to amend the Manufactured Home Fair Practices City Ordinance.

For the past 28 years this ordinance has withstood any number of legal attacks by park owners, and each time
has been ruled constitutional and fair to all parties. The courts have determined that a mobile home park constitutes
a monopoly for the park owner, meaning the park owners can charge any rate they want without some form of
government intervention. The existing ordinance has been determined by courts to be fair to both the park owners
and the mobile home owners, because both parties are property owners, and both have a vested interest in the park.

The ordinance states park owners are to receive a just and reasonable profit, while mobile homeowners must pay
75 percent of the CPI (Consumer Price Index) as the annual increase in space rent.

The park owners receive 13 percent to as much as 43 percent return on their investments each year.

Why does Felien want to restructure our City's government?

By: Norman Kelly in the North County Times

On Wednesday, Feb. 15, Councilman Gary Felien will sponsor a workshop on restructuring city government.
Taking into account the total thrust of the Oceanside City Council since councilmen Felien, Jerry Kern and
Jack Feller became the majority, it seems to ordinary citizens that this trio is committed to change the historical
structure of our city, and to get this done before the voters realize what is going on. The workshop is just one
more step along that path.

The power to appoint the city treasurer and the city clerk is one issue under consideration, and is one more
arrogant step that would create more cronyism and the centralization of power.

Let's take an example of exactly how this works. When our treasurer of many years passed away a couple of
years ago, the issue before the council was: should we appoint an individual to save money or hold a special
election to determine who fills out the term ? The council decided to "save money" and the result was that
Mr. Felien became the treasurer.

Until that point, Mr. Felien was largely an unknown political quantity to most residents, nor should that have been
an issue for the position of treasurer.

But the appointment instantly gave Felien visibility and stature. So, when a council position became available,
there was Mr. Felien, with only a few months as treasurer under his belt when he became a candidate and narrowly
won the election. Without his appointment as treasurer, it is unlikely that he would have won.

Was this part of a plan by the folks within the political structure who are more attuned to these is kind of power
grabs than we ordinary taxpayers? Be assured that it was.

Now, let's take a look at what that seemingly benign appointment and the resulting majority have yielded:

An assault on 2,300 elderly mobile home residents regarding rent control
Proposals to outsource public safety workers;
Pandering to the building industry at the expense of low-cost housing;
Endorsing a landfill atop of our water supply and ignoring sacred Indian ground;
Limiting library hours, and considering the outsourcing of our entire library system.

Now you can see the mischief that can be created by restructuring and consolidating power.

We do not know what is next, but a pattern has emerged that could gut the city's structure, default on implicit
commitments to our citizens and make our voters the enemies by ignoring their overflowing number at city
council meetings. How much more damage can this group impose between now and June and November elections?

We cannot be assured of a more favorable set of circumstances had the Felien appointment not been made,
but given the current dictatorial attitude of the council majority, my vote will be to keep the treasurer and city
clerk jobs as elected officials.

When in doubt, our system favors the people, not the politicians.

What is behind the City's rejection of wage concessions by our fire fighters?

Forum letter by Lizbeth Altman posted February 4, 2012 in the North County Times website.

Were you asking yourself "What's the real story?" as you were reading the Jan. 18 article about a no-public-allowed
Oceanside council session rejecting a million dollars in fire union contract concessions last summer? I desperately
wanted to see a budget analysis of the offer. Didn't you?

Oceanside voters have that every-other-year brawl called a city election coming up in November. Four of the council
members who were present when the million dollars in contract concessions were discussed and rejected will probably
be on the November ballot. So isn't it important for the voters-taxpayers affected by the rejection of $1 million in fire union
concessions to know which of our city politicians is really looking out for the taxpayer-service users of Oceanside? Was it
correct to reject what was effectively a 5 percent pay cut?

Sharks sighted in Oceanside

by DeeDee Dana

Shark sightings here in Oceanside are an everyday occurrence. Our sharks are preying on our public
safety departments. Our sharks are preying on our libraries. Our sharks are preying on the elderly,
seniors, disabled and hard-working families that live in mobile-home parks.

Our sharks don't only smell blood, they smell money, too. Our sharks are called the majority City Council.

Say "no" to the sharks and say "no" to vacancy decontrol.

Rent decontrol strikes at every Oceanside resident

Posted in the North County Times on January 26, written by Norm Kelly
(Thank you Norm, for your wonderful letter!!)

Molly Echeban (a pseudonym) is a handicapped 81-year-old widow who is trying to sell her tract home
in order to afford a move to an assisted living facility. However, she just received a letter from the San
Diego Gas and Electric Company that states that utility costs for any new owner will be tripled.

Echeban knows that this huge increase will diminish the value of her home. She is now in an impossible
situation, unable to move to a medical facility because she is prevented from selling her home at a reasonable price.

Read more:

RIEHL: Direct democracy at its best

By Richard J. Riehl in the North County Times, posted Monday, September 23,2012
Please read the entire article at:

As the campaign season heats up for the 2012 elections, we hear candidates singing the same old song,
"What the American people want is ..."

Candidates seem confident we want our elected officials to follow, rather than lead us.

If Californians don't like what politicians do after they're elected, they can take matters into their own hands by
recalls, initiatives and referendums. Ours is one of 24 states that allow votes by the people to throw the rascals
out, overturn unpopular laws and create new ones. It's called "direct democracy".
...... .... ..

Felien, Feller and Kern equals Insanity and Baloney

First thing Sunday morning we read about insanity and baloney!
What next? Insane building, baloney as a steady diet, NO!
Council majority of Felien, Kern, and Feller as a steady diet?

If one looks at and really understands the results of their proposals, i.e. six lane highway for Melrose;
ruin Gregory Canyon by making it a landfill capable of leaking contaminants into the air we breathe and
the water we drink; PRIVATIZING our police, firemen and paramedics (the ones here now to SAVE OUR LIVES)
one begins to wonder who is insane and full of baloney.

Start now by taking back control and vote NO ON VACANCY DECONTROL. This is another insane proposal that
costs YOU money for a special election. Voting NO ON VACANCY DECONTROL is the start of YOU making the decisions.

Felien wants a SPECIAL ELECTION?

Councilman Felien stated in a NCT article that he would not call for a special election. However, he has now stated
that he WANTS a special election, costing the Oceanside taxpayers as much as, if not more than, $93,000 and that
special election is scheduled for June 2012. Again, STOP THE INSANITY, STOP UNNECESSARY SPENDING,
vote NO on Vacancy DeControl as a START to taking back control of our city. Felien along with Feller and Kern
have also voted on projects that would take people's homes by imminent domain. Is it possible that you could
be next?


Kern, Felien and Feller spend ANY Amount of Money to Please Special Interests

What do Wilma Miller and DeeDee Dans's letters have in common? They both write about a City Council
majority Feller-Felien-Kern (FFK) that will spend ANY amount of taxpayer dollars (that, dear reader, means
YOUR dollars) as long as it benefits their fat cat out-of-town developer and mobile home park owners, even
if it harms their own constituents.

They cut the fees that developers pay, then want to cover the revenue losses by reducing public safety.
The vindictive little man Kern is just trying to get back at the firefighters because they were in favor of
the recall, and the citizens will end up paying the price. I gay-ron-tee you that if the recall vote were
held today it would pass by a landslide. Now we will have to wait until 2014 to get rid of Kern. AAAARGH!

FFK will pay dearly for their misdeeds and evil ways when election time rolls around. THEY work for US,
and WE are going to FIRE every one of them. Count on it.

City Council Marjority wants to end contracts with city's fire department

by DeeDee Dana, Oceanside citizen.

So now, in recent newspaper articles, the majority Oceanside City Council wants to consider
ending the contract with our awesome fire department. I know I want to feel secure (as I have
all my life) that our brave men and women have our backs.

Do you put a price on who rescues you? Do you put a price on who responds to your home
because of a crime? And finally, do you put a price on who controls our city? This is all a
bunch of baloney, and if we keep the majority council in, we will be eating baloney for quite
some time, because that is about we will be able to afford.


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