The REAL Goals of Proponents for Vacancy Decontrol

Voters are really, really tired of political spin, paid lobbyists (like the ones that show up at every Council meeting
and event with park owners) and special interests who contribute huge sums of money to individual campaigns
expecting something in return (like park owners and developers.) They try to paint our elderly, disabled, retired
veterans who are living within their means in homes they bought and paid for as if they are living in subsidized housing.
They are NOT. Do other Oceanside homeowners pay a separate fee to the City to cover any expenses related to
mobile home parks? They do NOT. Where is the plan for where these thousands of seniors will live (plus the ones
turning 55 every day)if this segment of affordable housing is eliminated? There ISN'T any. Courts repeatedly rule
against park owners because these parks are a business that they chose to go into. Park owners can sell their
business if they want out. They can sell their land. They can repurpose their land. They just have to first relocate
the homes (by law) they sold to these homeOWNERS. But it would be so much cheaper to just FORCE these

Kern, Felien and Feller Call for Expensive Special Election

Letter by Wilma Miller, citizen of Oceanside

Regarding the special June election regarding rent decontrol: I see some serious flaws with the
Oceanside City Council ---- three, to be exact: Jack Feller, Jerry Kern and Gary Felien. The
Three Musketeers, with one mind. Monkey see, monkey do. How pathetic.

They voted for a "special" election in June at an approximate cost of $93,000 ---- pathetic. They
already know how the veterans, handicapped and elderly who reside in mobile-home parks feel
about rent decontrol ---- we are against it.

But because they, Feller, Kern and Felien, did not see things going the way they wanted, they
are spending money, Oceanside's money, that could be well-spent elsewhere.

Stop this insanity and vote, if we must, in June.

Oceanside Park Owners Have it Good

by David Terrell, Posted in the North County Times August16, 2011

I'm tired of the rants by mobile-home park owners. They got into the business of renting spaces to homeowners,
they got rich doing it and now they're complaining about it. They raised rents before they got the law and then
they got a lot of goodies with the Manufactured Home Fair Practices law (Oceanside City Code 16B).

Then they sued the city. They sued so often over the years that they cost the city $3 million to defend against
their lawsuits. Park owners lost every time. Then they blamed the city for spending $3 million.

Even with those extraordinary costs, the Fair Practices Commission did not cost the city a cent. Homeowners
and park owners pay monthly fees that support the entire process. By some estimates, this has brought $3.8 million to the city.

Councilman Kern wants to outsource the city's fire and police departments

by Gordon Personius

Shake my head time, again. This week, my North County Times tells me that Oceanside Councilman Jerry Kern
(would-be mayor) calls for another budget discussion, which costs money ("Council's looming budget deficit set
for new round of talks," Jan. 15). This is after demanding a special election on rent control for mobile homes that
would cost elderly, infirm and veteran citizens dearly and is far more expensive than putting it on the regular ballot.

He would also apparently like to make our police and fire departments political footballs whose numbers he could
kick around for his "budgetary" concerns, with little concern for community safety.

Saving Seniors' Homes

Please support our seniors and vote to repeal vacancy decontrol in the June election.

The Council majority of Jerry Kern, Jack Feller, and Gary Felien have voted to destroy the value of the homes of thousands of Oceanside's seniors, veterans, and widows. These mobile home owners -- living in the homes they bought and paid for -- have had the protection of rent control for three decades, a policy which costs the city nothing. These extremist politicians in charge at City Hall have launched yet another assault on the taxpayers of Oceanside, this time to pay back their campaign donors: mobile home park owners, most of whom don't even live in Oceanside.

Preserving Public Safety

The City Council majority of Kern, Feller, and Felien is threatening our public safety with the following:



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