GOP endorses Kern and Dykes but Feller still waiting to hear

by Ray Huard in the NC Times on Aug 17, 2012

Former Marine Hugh "Chip" Dykes picked up an endorsement for Oceanside City Council
from the San Diego County Republican Party this week.

Party officials also renewed their endorsement of Councilman Jerry Kern in his bid to unseat
incumbent Mayor Jim Wood.

All three are Republicans but Wood has run afoul of the party by supporting city labor unions
and backing a failed 2009 drive to bounce Kern from the council.

The party has yet to give its nod to another Oceanside Republican running for reelection,
Councilman Jack Feller.

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Consultants helping Oceanside Candidates

by Ray Huard in the NC Times on August 13, 2012

Veteran political consultants will be helping Oceanside candidates running in the
November election.

Working with Councilman Jerry Kern in his bid to unseat incumbent Mayor Jim Wood
is John Wainio, a long-time San Diego consultant.

Kern said he got to know Wainio through his work in helping to push through a new
Oceanside city charter two years ago.

Wainio also was a consultant to those backing a ballot measure in June which would have
phased out rent control in the city's 17 mobile home parks. That measure failed.

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Affordable housing deal set for City Council review

By Ray Huard in the NC Times on August 13, 2012

Oceanside City Council members on Wednesday will consider approving a development
agreement for construction of the $81.3 million Mission Cove affordable-housing project.

Approval of the development agreement, combined with environmental review and design
work now under way, is a crucial step toward construction of the 14.5-acre project ---- the
largest of its kind in San Diego County, according to the nonprofit housing agencies building it.

"We can't start looking for a financing source until after we get those things in place," said
John Seymour, director of the nonprofit National Community Renaissance, which is developing
the property in partnership with Community HousingWorks, another nonprofit housing agency.

"This is a huge project ---- 288 (housing) units, 10,000 square feet of retail, a significant community
resource center, a large residents garden, open space, a trail system, tot lots and an adult day care
center," Seymour said. "It's San Diego County's largest mixed-use affordable-housing project."

Under the deal set for council review Wednesday, the city would retain ownership of the land along
Mission Avenue near the Oceanside Municipal Airport, but the two nonprofit housing agencies would
be in charge of developing it.

They would have five years to get financing, with an option to extend the financing period an
additional three years.

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Three file to run for mayor, seven for city council

By Ray Huard in the NC Times on August 10, 2012

A man who has the job, a man who wants it back and a City Council member who wants to step
up are the three choices for mayor Oceanside voters will tentatively face in the November election.

Pending verification of their nominating papers, voters also will chose two council members from
among seven candidates including two incumbents.

Mayor Jim Wood, former Mayor Terry Johnson and Councilman Jerry Kern turned nominating
papers in to the city clerk by Friday's deadline to run for a four-year term as mayor, said
Assistant City Clerk Holly Trobaugh.

To get on the ballot, candidates for mayor and City Council must turn in papers signed by at
least 20 Oceanside registered voters. The San Diego County registrar of voters must verify
that those signing the petitions are city voters.

Filing papers to run for council were incumbents Esther Sanchez and Jack Feller; former
Marine drill instructor Hugh "Chip" Dykes; engineer David Zernik; Dana Corso, president of
Alliance of Citizens To Improve Oceanside Neighborhoods (ACTION); activist Jimmy Knott;
and Donald Snyder. Trobaugh said. Snyder's occupation was not listed.

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Google trying new mapping program in Oceanside

By Ray Huard in the NC Times dated August 04, 2012

Soon, nobody with a smart phone or computer tablet will have to wander the halls of Oceanside
City Hall wondering where to pay a water bill or find the mayor or locate that conference room
tucked away in a far corner.

Click on the map application and Google maps will not only show how to get to City Hall, but
how to get around once inside.

In the first project of its kind on the West Coast, Google is about to include the indoor floor plans
of Oceanside City Hall, the Civic Center Library and the city's senior citizen centers in its online
mapping programs, said Google representative Byron Blevins.

All other public buildings in Oceanside will also be included, except the Police Department, water
and sewer treatment plants and other sites where security is a concern, city officials said.

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Oceanside celebrates National Night Out Tuesday

By Ray Huard in the NC Times on August 3, 2012

Oceanside's Eastside community will celebrate National Night Out with a free party Tuesday
at Joe Balderrama Park. with snacks for sale, information booths, face painting and games for
children and a screening of the movie "Puss in Boots."

The event starts at 6 p.m. in the park at 709 San Diego St., with the movie scheduled to start at 8 p.m.

Intended to increase participation in anti-crime efforts, Oceanside's Night Out is sponsored by the
Eastside Neighborhood Association, Oceanside Community Safety Partnership, Oceanside Police
Department, the city Neighborhood Services Department and the North Coastal Prevention Coalition.

ACTION president will run for city council

By Promise Yee in the Coast News on August 2, 2012

OCEANSIDE — Dana Corso, president of Alliance of Citizens To Improve Oceanside
Neighborhoods, or ACTION, is running for City Council. While serving as ACTION president,
Corso was a leading voice in speaking against Proposition E, which threatened to end rent
control in mobile home parks.

To defeat the proposition, Corso helped organize ACTION members to take on grassroots
campaign efforts, such as holding rallies, phoning voters and going door to door with flyers.
The manpower of supporters from 42 different neighborhoods paid off and the proposition
that jeopardized the reliability of space rent costs was defeated.

“Forming an alliance at a grassroots level became a bigger voice with so many different
neighborhoods involved,” Corso said.

Corso said she has learned a lot by serving as ACTION president.

“I learned that many people out there really care about the city of Oceanside,” Corso said.

She added that as councilwoman she would have a greater opportunity to serve the
people and neighborhoods of Oceanside.

Corso said a voice for the people is currently absent in the City Council majority
decision-making ruled by Councilmen Jerry Kern, Gary Felien and Jack Feller.

Feller is up for re-election and Corso said she would like to take his seat.

“My vision is to get a council that listens to people who live here,” Corso said. “The
present council majority makes their decision without listening. We can have 200
people at the council meeting or five, it doesn’t matter. The council majority has
their agenda set.”

Her platform echoes the core philosphies of ACTION, which include supporting economic
growth that is compatible with neighborhood character, and electing government officials
who put citizens before special interest groups.

Corso said she would like city services to be kept in house.

She stated that she strongly opposes outsourcing police and fire services, which are
essential for residents’ safety.

She also suggested trimming the budget by no longer hiring outside consultants to study
things like proposed roadways. Corso said current city staff could complete most
needed analysis.

To bring money into the city, Corso said she supports responsible development
that citizens approve.

Corso sees her views in agreement with Mayor Jim Wood and Councilwoman Ether
Sanchez. She will share a campaign office with Wood during election season to
save on costs.

Aug. 10 is the deadline for candidates to file.

City Council incumbents up for re-election are Feller and Sanchez. Wood will be running
as incumbent mayor.

Voting by mail jumps, altering campaigns

Written by Mark Walker in the NC Times dated August 3, 2012

More Californians are bypassing the polling place in favor of voting by mail, changing campaign
dynamics but helping to identify the winners and losers early in the night in the first count of ballots.

The growth of what is known as "convenience voters" was evident in the June 5 primary, when a
whopping 65 percent of Golden State residents made their choices via mail ballot.

San Diego County mirrored the statewide trend, also coming in at 65 percent. In adjoining Riverside
County, more than 70 percent of voters chose the mail method.

Voting by mail greatly increases the number of early voters, requiring campaigns to make sure they
reach those people weeks before the official Election Day.

"No longer can campaigns count on a last-minute surge through some kind of story or advertising or
revelation that could change the election in the last few days," said Jack Pitney, a widely respected
political scientist at Claremont-McKenna College near Los Angeles.

"The days of dragging people to the polls on Election Day or arranging for rides are fading," he said.
"Campaigns now have to contact people to make sure they have received their mail ballots and
sent them in."

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Bridge renamed in honor of fallen Oceanside officer

By Promise Vee in The Coast News, published August 3, 2012

More than a dozen uniformed police officers stood along the back wall of the city council
chambers and a half dozen members of the Bessant family sat in attendance at the Aug. 1
council meeting as City Council unanimously voted to rename the Pacific Street Bridge to
honor Officer Dan Bessant.

Bessant was shot in the line of duty on Dec. 20, 2006 after serving the Oceanside Police
Department for three years.

Police officers, family, council members and residents shared memories of the police officer,
husband, father and Oceanside native.

"Dan, he was a homegrown good guy who loved being with kids," CouncIlman Jack Feller
said. "I don't think he had regrets over his life." "The tribute means a lot to men and women
in our organization," Police Chief Frank McCoy said. "The harbor means a lot to the
Bessant family."

Dan's father Steve shared memories of family times at the harbor and said the bridge is a very
fitting memorial. "There is a lot of meaning in that area for our family,"Steve Bessant said.
The city will work with the Bessant family to determine the exact wording.

Oceanside Renews Contract

By Promise Vee written in The Coast News, a free weekly paper, dated August 3, 2012

A renewed contract between the City of Oceanside andOceanside Firefighters'
Association (OFA) and Oceanside Fire Management Association (OFMA) will have firefighters
pay the full employees' portion of retirement benefits, take away minimum staffing provisions
and put a cap on management level salaries.

These contract updates will save the city $251,774 in 2012-13 and $457,258 annuallyin following
years. OFA president Daniel Gonzales said firefighters consider the agreement a reasonable
compromise on the part of firefighters and the city.

"It's the best deal for both sides we can agree to right now," Gonzales said. City Council OK'd the
contract in a 3-2 vote Wednesday, with Councilmen Jerry Kern and Gary Felien voting no.

Felien credited firefighters for their service, but voiced opposition to the contract.He said the terms
fell short of saving the city enough money. He pointed to costs incurred by 2010 contract provisions
for salaries and pensions.


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