Advocates for Prop E: Truth takes a holiday

Forum Article written by Norman Kelley in the NC Times dated May 29

It is understood that truth takes a holiday when it comes to political speech, but there has
to be limits! This constant drumbeat from the Western Manufactured Housing Communities
Association (mobile-home park owners) that rent control has cost Oceanside taxpayers
more than $7.5 million and will cost more than $8 million in the next 10 years is the biggest lie of all.

The source for these financial statistics is a "study" performed by the San Diego Taxpayers
Advocate. This study is deeply flawed, and is clearly inaccurate. But it is touted as "independent."
Yes. Independent and incompetent.

If a person is truly interested in knowing what rent control costs the city, why not go to the source?
The city! Of course, the answer would frustrate all of the lies in the "Yes on E" advertisements because
the correct answer is essentially zero. The number is actually $168,000 since 1999, and that deficit
only came about because the Jerry Kern coalition voted against the increase in the monthly assessment
of residents and park owners. This system is designed to fully fund the expense of administering rent
control at no cost to taxpayers. In retrospect, it is probable that Mr. Kern, in an uncharacteristically
clever Machiavellian act, let the program fall into the red so he could use that very
argument against rent control!

But that's only part of the lie. What about the statement that "E" helps seniors and veterans? How
does that work? What about the seniors and veterans who routinely pack council chambers in opposition
to Proposition E? What about the 15,000 residents who signed a petition asking the council to wake up
and take an honorable action? How can anyone publish such pap with a straight face?

Add to this the myth that residents on rent control can continue on rent control. It is clear that as
homes change ownership and new residents do not pay assessments to administer the rent
control program, the program itself will collapse of its own weight. Not to mention the loss in
home values and backing out on a 30-year commitment to seniors. If Prop. E succeeds, rent
control will be history within three years. And what does the council say at that point? "Well,
we made a mistake." Small solace to a widow in her final years.

And if you are not yet convinced, why haven't the park owners published their profit data? To hear
them talk, they are on the ropes, unable to make ends meet. The reason for their silence is
because their supporters would immediately turn against them if they understood the truth. At
the mobile-home park where I live, the owners realize a 60 percent operating profit, and that
was discovered only by order of a Superior Court judge in connection with a lawsuit.

I believe that Oceanside voters are smarter than a misleading $300,000 advertising scheme and will vote No on E