Porta-potty issue

Letter to the editor written by Stephen Bustanoby in the NC Times on July 148, 2012

The front page story, "Pier Porta-Potties generate complaints," July 13, activated the
"sophomoric humor" part of my brain.

The report of over-flowing, under maintained potties had to have Oceanside visitors thinking,
"This place is a dump." One Strand resident described "feces ... rising over the seats" (sounds
like a John Grisham novel). I really laughed out loud at the guy that took photos of "filth on toilet
seats" and the bottom of these dirty johns. It might have gone like this, "Hey kids, bunch together
so you are all in the shot."

This is an issue I've addressed before. If businesses are to attract large crowds (not flies), to spend
money, promote a business or city, in this case, there have to be adequate and clean bathrooms. I
know we are slipping toward Third World status, but let's try not going to the bathroom like them.