JENKINS: Power play could weaken Oceanside's big three

Column written by Logan Jenkens on the U~T San Diego Website on December 3, 2012

Oh my, poor O’side.

In their finite wisdom, Oceanside voters elected to retain the status quo on the City Council.

Or more aptly, the status oh-no!

While every North County city has its stresses and strains, Oceanside’s political balance of power has been so violently matched up, so bitter and personal, that perpetual warfare is practically assured.

Oceanside is the only North County city in which a robust recall campaign ahead of the 2014 election is not only plausible, it’s nearly likely.

As a mechanic might examine a backfiring engine, let’s run through a few of the political dynamics that could lead to a fiery explosion:

The People’s Powertrain: Three-term Mayor Jim Wood is, hands down, the most popular public figure in the city. He blew away GOP-backed Councilman Jerry Kern and former Mayor Terry Johnson last month. Kern’s showing was particularly pathetic, not even a third of the vote. (Democrat Johnson was widely viewed as a spoiler siphoning a percentage of the vote from moderate Republican Wood.)

At the same time, Councilwoman Esther Sanchez, Wood’s Democratic ally, strongly outpolled the second-place finisher, incumbent Councilman Jack Feller. The message was clear: In a high turnout election, Wood’s and Sanchez’s brand of pro-neighborhood, pro-union populism packs a powerful punch.

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