Wood was a threat

Letter by Noralee Sherwood of Oceanside in the U-T San Diego on.Jan. 11, 2013

Wood was a threat

I am indignant at the ouster of Mayor Jim Wood from the San Diego Association of Governments.

Once again, the trio of thugs — backed by a consortium of developers — pushed their agenda
to the detriment of this city’s citizenry. The mayor could not bring himself to support the Melrose
extension, which would disrupt a quiet neighborhood with increased traffic. Nor could he back the
project that would decimate a portion of Guajome Park, one of the last truly natural, non-sports
field parks in the area.

Mayor Wood, it seems, is too much of an advocate for ensuring Oceanside could continue to work
toward being a quality of life community and, thereby, a threat. Therefore, the mayor was deemed
unworthy of leadership and sadly, the path is now clear for the puppets of profiteers to appoint
another puppet to SANDAG.