Landfill's foes continue their fight

In response to “$67 million, 19 suits, 2 public votes – and they want more blood”
(Editorial,, Jan. 30): I had hoped that when the U-T changed
hands, the Editorial Board would finally show respect for scientists and experts
that have thoughtfully and thoroughly studied the Gregory Canyon landfill project
and deemed it a danger to our water supply. Alas, the Board is sinking back into
the Dark Ages when scientists were ostracized.

Let me get this straight: A limited-liability company decides to promote a trash
dump near a river and a drinking water aquifer and the U-T is worried about how
much money the company has sunk into the effort? Never mind how much all of
us will have to pay if and when the dump leaks. – Ruth Harber, secretary-treasurer,
RiverWatch, Valley Center