Three cheers for Oceanside library

Letter to the editor by Debbie Mastro of Oceanside in U~T San Diego on March 16,2013

People may not be aware of the many services of our Oceanside library. One is
a homebound book program that is run by an exceptional man named Brad Penner.
He goes out of his way to make sure people who cannot get to the library are able
to enjoy books, magazines, music CDs and audio books.

Three volunteer angels I have met, Ann, Ruth and Teresa, gather books and wing
them to homebound readers in our fair city. When a person is unable to get out, it
can often be a lonely and depressing situation, but these wonderful people bring a
smile and literature to make the time much more enjoyable.

Three cheers to a few of the unsung heroes who help make Oceanside the gem
of a city we love.