Three cheers for Oceanside library

Letter to the editor by Debbie Mastro of Oceanside in U~T San Diego on March 16,2013

People may not be aware of the many services of our Oceanside library. One is
a homebound book program that is run by an exceptional man named Brad Penner.
He goes out of his way to make sure people who cannot get to the library are able
to enjoy books, magazines, music CDs and audio books.

Three volunteer angels I have met, Ann, Ruth and Teresa, gather books and wing
them to homebound readers in our fair city. When a person is unable to get out, it
can often be a lonely and depressing situation, but these wonderful people bring a
smile and literature to make the time much more enjoyable.

Three cheers to a few of the unsung heroes who help make Oceanside the gem
of a city we love.

Oceanside's entry should be welcoming

Letter to the editor, by Ruth Jameson of Oceanside in the U~T San Diego on March 16. 2013

About the revision of the parking on Mission Avenue from Coast Highway to Horne
Street: There are several sidewalk restaurants along this portion of Mission. I can’t
think of anything more disagreeable than to be sitting at a sidewalk table, enjoying
my lunch or dinner, when some humongous RV backs into the space with all of the
noise and emissions coming straight into my face and destroying my sense of
safety and the joy of eating in such a scenic place.

As for changing Mission into a two-lane street, I think of Santa Barbara. They have
the most traffic-constricted main street I have ever had to transit. It is a nightmare
unrivaled. This is poor planning and will have a negative effect on anyone who comes
to this wonderful city of ours. I would not drive this entry into our city more than once
when it turns out to be a bottleneck.

This entry to Oceanside should be one of grace and beauty.

There should be a welcoming gate into the City Arts District.

There should be no parking along the blocks that are targeted to be backed into.

There should be green space and wide sidewalks that welcome visitors and beckon
them to stay, eat and stroll throughout the city with its many attractions and fall in love
with beauty, not be confronted with traffic patterns that are foreign to the way
we drive and live.

Boulevard plan back, but on smaller scale

By Ray Huard in the U~T San Diego on.March 6, 2013

An on-again, off-again project to spruce up a section of Oceanside Boulevard is
back on, but it’s not quite the grand makeover that planners first envisioned.

“It’s a downscaled version of what was proposed a few years ago,” said city
senior civil engineer Gary Kellison, referring to an earlier plan that would have
made the area look more lush, but cost nearly $200,000 more than the revised project.

The new plan, expected to cost about $500,000, will add a sidewalk and landscaping
along a scruffy 10,600-foot-long stretch on the south side of Oceanside Boulevard
between Interstate 5 leading to the Crouch Street Sprinter station and park-and-ride
lot, Kellison said Tuesday.

Wheelchair access ramps also will be added, with improvements to a bus stop to
make it more accessible to handicapped riders, Kellison said.

The improvements can’t come soon enough for area residents, said Nadine Scott,
a city activist who lives nearby.

No more roads until our existing ones get fixed

By Cara Lou Wicks of Oceanside, in the U~T San Diego on March 4, 2012

The Oceanside Council (KFF: Jerry Kern, Gary Felien and Jack Feller) continue to
push for more roads between Highways 76 and 78. Never mind it will cost millions,
take residential homes and probably take years.

My suggestion to those three is: Drive up/down the major accesses now in place,
El Camino and College Boulevard. Both are a real driving experience, dodging potholes.
These city streets are in terrible condition, poorly maintained and if these three council
members feel compelled to lay some asphalt, my suggestion is to start on
the above mentioned.

If a city has no funds or incentive to maintain what is currently in place, they have no
justification to build more.

Landfill's foes continue their fight

In response to “$67 million, 19 suits, 2 public votes – and they want more blood”
(Editorial,, Jan. 30): I had hoped that when the U-T changed
hands, the Editorial Board would finally show respect for scientists and experts
that have thoughtfully and thoroughly studied the Gregory Canyon landfill project
and deemed it a danger to our water supply. Alas, the Board is sinking back into
the Dark Ages when scientists were ostracized.

Let me get this straight: A limited-liability company decides to promote a trash
dump near a river and a drinking water aquifer and the U-T is worried about how
much money the company has sunk into the effort? Never mind how much all of
us will have to pay if and when the dump leaks. – Ruth Harber, secretary-treasurer,
RiverWatch, Valley Center


By Thomas K. Arnold, city planning commissioner for Carlsbad, in the U~T San Diego
on January 13, 2013

Forget the legal matters concerning Oceanside Mayor Jim Wood’s threatened lawsuit against
his council colleagues for yanking him off the SANDAG board.

What the ruling conservative troika of Gary Felien, Jack Feller and Jerry Kern have done is
just plain wrong.

North County has never shied away from childish political games. In the game of musical
chairs that until last November was the way Encinitas decided who got to play mayor for a
year, the chair kept getting pulled out from the next-in-line council member simply because
the majority didn’t like her.

In Carlsbad’s 2010 mayoral election, the conservative candidate was targeted by a mailer
showing a burning house simply because he was in favor of pension reform for all city
workers, including firefighters.

And in the race for the 76th Assembly District seat just last November, one candidate
ruthlessly attacked another for nearly losing her home during the financial crisis.

But the shady goings-on in Oceanside have hit a new low. Like him or not, Mayor Jim Wood
handily won re-election, and booting him off the board is a slap in the face not just to the
mayor, but also to the voters of Oceanside who elected him to a third term.

The way the council went about this disgrace also is shameless. The first step came
last month, when they passed an ordinance giving the council the power to remove city
representatives to regional boards and agencies who were appointed by the mayor. The
ordinance, which all three conservative council members supported, also gives the council
the power to veto appointments the mayor makes and appoint someone else.

The conservative troika insists they were acting in the best interests of Oceanside, and that
Wood had to go because he simply wasn’t effective.

And yet everything I hear from sources close to SANDAG is that this simply isn’t true. Wood
also got high marks for working and playing well with others; heck, he’d even carpool to
SANDAG meetings with Carlsbad Mayor Matt Hall, a conservative and good friend of Jerry Kern.

No, there’s really no explanation for what Messrs. Felien, Feller and Kern have done other than
spite, malice and dirty politics. I’ve always admired those three men and supported their political
platforms; they’ve consistently done what’s best for Oceanside, even if it was unpopular.

By dumping Wood, however, they’ve taken one giant misstep – and my hunch is that down the
road, in the next election, it’s going to come back to haunt them.

Wood was a threat

Letter by Noralee Sherwood of Oceanside in the U-T San Diego on.Jan. 11, 2013

Wood was a threat

I am indignant at the ouster of Mayor Jim Wood from the San Diego Association of Governments.

Once again, the trio of thugs — backed by a consortium of developers — pushed their agenda
to the detriment of this city’s citizenry. The mayor could not bring himself to support the Melrose
extension, which would disrupt a quiet neighborhood with increased traffic. Nor could he back the
project that would decimate a portion of Guajome Park, one of the last truly natural, non-sports
field parks in the area.

Mayor Wood, it seems, is too much of an advocate for ensuring Oceanside could continue to work
toward being a quality of life community and, thereby, a threat. Therefore, the mayor was deemed
unworthy of leadership and sadly, the path is now clear for the puppets of profiteers to appoint
another puppet to SANDAG.

HARRIS: Oceanside's "coastal coup' an ill-conceived act of spite

Letter written by Rust Harris in the NC Times on December 2, 2012

Oceanside’s conservative City Council threesome is setting a dangerous precedent
in stripping the largely ceremonial post of mayor of one of its few powers.

Feller to transfer the right to make appointments from Mayor Jim Wood to the
council is simply an act of spite

Wednesday’s 3-2 vote will do nothing but harden the increasingly bitter partisan
divide within City Hall. Moreover, the coastal coup attempt could ultimately backfire
on the council troika and its members’ goals in the years ahead.

While the three Republicans have a majority on the five-member council, they
cannot claim any “mandate” from the voters. If anyone can make that claim,
it is Wood.

After all, it was Wood who received more votes than any current councilmember
in the Nov. 6 election. He hauled in an impressive 54 percent of the vote in a
three-way race, thumping challengers Kern and former Mayor Terry Johnson.

November’s vote was the second time Wood has turned back a battle from the
right: He was first re-elected in 2008 by a wide margin, defeating then-Councilman
Rocky Chavez, who aligned himself with Feller and Kern on the council.

To see the rest of Mr Harris's letter, please go to:

New Face for Oceanside Council

By Suzann Demmon in the NC Times on October 14, 2012

There's a new face in Oceanside politics, a smart and informed woman by the name of
Dana Corso. She's running for Oceanside City Council as an ally of Mayor Wood. In the
candidate debates I have attended, she has shined above her opponents Jack Feller
and H. "Chip" Dykes. She's well-versed on the issues and composed.

She was a major force in organizing neighborhoods to defeat Proposition E, endorsed by
Feller, Jerry Kern, Gary Felien and Dykes, to get rid of rent control in mobile-home parks.
She came out strongly in defense of seniors, veterans and their widows, who would have
been harmed by losing rent control.

She cares about the environment and other quality-of-life issues in Oceanside too. She
strongly opposes turning Gregory Canyon into a dump and threatening the city's water
supply. What will happen to businesses here if they can't get clean water to operate?

She also opposes the Melrose extension, Rancho del Oro interchange and the widening
of College Boulevard. These wasteful projects would do great harm and result in people
losing their homes and land.

Dana Corso is intelligent and compassionate. She's a real leader.
Vote for her for Oceanside City Council

Vote to save our homes

By DeeDee Dana in the NC times on September 29, 2012

This past June, the citizens of Oceanside defeated Propositions E and F, the shameless
efforts by Jerry Kern, Jack Feller and Gary Felien to abolish rent control.

For the moment, we mobile-home owners are safe from having our homes hopelessly devalued
by rich mobile-home park owners (hmm, I wonder how they got rich? Could it be by all the spaces'
rents they collect monthly?) who would raise the rent on the land our homes occupy that denies
us the right to sell them at a fair price.

The threat is not over. ... Please say no to Jerry Kern and Chip Dykes, and send Jack Feller
packing. I believe there is a privatized and outsourced taxi waiting for them.

Vote for Mayor Jim Wood, Councilmember Esther Sanchez and Dana Corso. It's good for Oceanside.


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